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Save the Date!
Book as soon as possible! Dates are being booked for next year already! Secure your date today.
*Last-minute bookings accepted depending on availability*


Photo/Social Booths

We partner with Foto Fusion Booths to bring some extra fun to your events. Click this link for exclusive photo booth discounts.


Deejay Servicing

We love providing our services

to produce a great, lively atmosphere at Home Parties. No matter what the celebration concurs, we always strive to create a blast at every Home Party we are a part of. 



DJ Lights

We are fully equipped to serve you DJ lights, synced to the beat of your music for that unforgettable party experience! Enhance a simple dance with a light show everyone will remember!


Pool Parites

We are experts at parties, especially pool-side events! We know what to do, how to do it, and when so you just need to relax and have fun, leave the lights, music, and programs to us!

Outdoor Birthday Table
IMG_0350 3.jpeg

Birthday Parties

We love helping with birthdays! Make someone's special day even more amazing with our birthday party packages and set up for a great experience!

School Parties & Programs

We are always happy to make school parties and programs fun for students, teachers, parents, and everyone involved! We'll provide what you need to make the program enjoyable, fun, and smooth all throughout, from sounds to lights to the music! 

Laser Lights

Get the party going and fill up the dance floor with the help of our professional DJ at the helm! We have great music and can sync to lights for special effects! Get everyone dancing and keep the party hot and happy!


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